Is Nar-Anon Chat for Me?

Many of us who suffer from another person’s addiction began to feel isolated. We felt alone, like no one truly understood what we were going through. Our family members and friends, often well intended, offered plenty of advice, but few understood our circumstances. We avoided people because it was easier to go it alone.


Nar-Anon chat offers a safe place to speak our feelings without fear of judgment or criticism. We do not offer advice, but share our experience, strength and hope. We offer support and a shoulder to lean on.


If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, Nar-Anon Chat may be able to help.


Is Nar-Anon for Me?


If someone in your life is suffering from addiction, answer the 20 questions below. They can help you decide for yourself if Nar-Anon is for you. If you answer “Yes” to four or more of these questions, Nar-Anon may be able to give you the answers you are looking for.

  1. Do you find yourself making excuses, lying or covering up for someone?
  2. Do you have a reason not to trust this person?
  3. Is it becoming difficult for you to believe his/her explanations?
  4. Do you lie awake worrying about this person?
  5. If it is your child, is he/she missing school often without your knowledge?
  6. If it is your spouse, is he/she missing work and leaving bills to pile up?
  7. Are your savings mysteriously disappearing?
  8. Are the unanswered questions causing hostility and undermining your relationship?
  9. Are you asking yourself, “What’s wrong?” and “Is it my fault?”
  10. Are normal family disagreements becoming hostile and violent?
  11. Are your suspicions turning you into a detective and are you afraid of what you may find?
  12. Are you cancelling your social functions with vague excuses?
  13. Are you becoming increasingly reluctant to invite friends to your home?
  14. Is concern for this person causing you headaches, a knotty stomach and extreme anxiety?
  15. Do minute matters easily irritate this person? Does your whole life seem like a nightmare?
  16. Are you unable to discuss the situation with friends and relatives because of embarrassment?
  17. Are you frustrated by ineffective attempts to control the situation?
  18. Do you overcompensate and try not to make waves?
  19. Do you keep trying to make things better and nothing helps?
  20. Are the life style and friends of this person changing? Do you ever think they may be using drugs?



What is Nar-Anon?


Nar-Anon is a Twelve-Step Program, which has been adapted from Narcotics Anonymous. We offer fellowship through the sharing of our experience, strength and hope with those affected by someone else’s addiction. We share our feelings, and we listen and learn. The only requirement for membership is that there that there be a problem of addiction in a family member or friend.


Our purpose is to offer the families and friends of addicts a safe environment, free from judgment. We offer comfort by sharing our experience, strength and hope. Since addiction is a “family disease,” Nar-Anon offers us an opportunity for recovery by using Nar-Anon’s Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts.